Listen to the radio audition of Adam- PiN Class

Radio Pin, 102 FM, every Wednesday, 21 pm.


"Od pełni do pełni"

Premiere of the film with music of Adam Sztaba.

Already in the cinema !



25.11.2012 - European Music Fair


While ETM 2012 Adam will participate in the discussion. More details soon.



30.10.2012 - Sopocka Muza


Sopot, Ergo Arena Hall, 6 pm.

The concert of the Sopot Polish Chamber Philharmonic, the Symphony Orchestra from Toruń, and the Orchestra of Adam Sztaba. They will perform a few tracks from the dance show 'Opentaniec' and fim music of Adam.

Tickets available at the box office: and ERGO ARENA



27.10.2012 - event concert, Serock

The Orchestra of Adam Sztaba




9.10.2012 - event concert, Serock

Atom String Quartet and Adam Sztaba




20.09.2012 - the concert with Philharmonic Orchestra from Koszalin


Koszalin, Sport Hall,  7PM.

Adam will perform with his film and theatre compositions.


15.09.2012 - the Stańko + concert


TV Canal+ Film, 14:55 pm.

STAŃKO+ concert, during the Solidarity of Arts Festival


9.09.2012 - Życia mała garść


We know the date of the first emission of the concert "Życia mała garść " dedicated to Anna Jantar and Jarosław Kukulski:

9 September - TV Polonia,  14:20 pm.  and  22:45 pm.

Adam Sztaba is the music director, arranger, conductor. Starring: Piotr Cugowski, Ania Rusowicz, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Halina Młynkowa, Kasia Dereń i Dominik Skrzyniarz, Kasia Groniec, Paulina Przybysz, Halina Frąckowiak, Czesław Mozil, Piotr Zubek, Natalia Lubrano, Kasia Kurzawska, Kuba Badach, Marika, Kasia Wilk.

Director - Bartek Prokopowicz.


5.09.2012 - Radio PiN

21 pm., Radio PiN - the first episode of the weekly program of Adam Sztaba






2.09.2012 - Must be the music


godz. 20, TV Polsat


Music show is back! The first episode of castings starts on the first Sunday of September.

You have to watch it!





Adam's dream come true...

In our gallery you will find the photo story of this special meeting!






11.08.2012 - Solidarity of Arts Festival

Ołowianka St. 1, Gdańsk

8:30 pm., free concert


Adam Sztaba arranged the "Rosemary's Baby" song for Quincy Jones. Arrangement will be performed by NDR Big Band.
Photos from this meeting will be available soon.




23-27.07.2012 - Must be the music IV


Castings for the next edition of Must be the music has started!
See what's happened on the stage on TV Polsat in September.





14-15.07.2012 - Wierchowe Spotkania

Zakopane, Rówień Krupowa, godz. 19.30


An amazing concert dedicated to the children of the Andrew Brandstatter Fundation - PRO ARTIS.
Adam Sztaba - music director.





3.06.2012 - Życia mała garść

Opole, Amfiteatr


A concert dedicated to Anna Jantar and Jaroslaw Kukulski.
Adam Sztaba - music director, arranger, conductor.





Men's Playboy interviews


An interview with Adam Sztaba in the special edition of Playboy - Exclusive Men's Playboy interviews.




18.05.2012 - event concert, Warsaw

The Orchestra of Adam Sztaba




29.04.2012- Must be the music

8 pm., TV Polsat


Adam is going to perform with great guests  - Atom String Quartet on the stage of Must be the Music Show.





There are always more those in need than those, who are willing to help. But if there is anyone, who wants to help and support a tallented child in need, that is waiting all year long for the next July and an opportunity to perform with an orchestra, your help would make someone extemely happy. Why not checking this out in person on the 14th and 15th of July in Zakopane!